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Dungarees – The Overall Look

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I know dungarees are not for everyone and I know that some of you will absolutely hate the looks I’ve put together here but personally I love dungarees. I love the whole nineties vibe. I used to wear them when I was in my twenties and even now I’m in my (late) fifties I still like to wear them. I personally don’t feel that I look like a giant toddler even though I can see how that might cross a few minds.

Funnily enough, I was talking to my eighty-four-year old mum today about the shoot and she asked me if I had a pair she could have (just to wear around the house). It must be in the jeans [genes] (see what I did there?!).

Mark and I love this place in the Vale of Glamorgan, which we’ve used a couple of times for backdrops over the years. It’s not used much now as, most of the time it’s boarded up, but we think it’s brilliant for fashion shoots and on this particular day the gates were open and and it was easily accessible. It’s covered in amazing graffiti and the lighting seems to catch the different colours of the paintwork just right. It’s also a bit edgy and we like that.

I must have about twenty pairs of dungarees which I’ve collected over the years. Some of them I’ve bought here and some while we’ve been on holidays. Some are more slimming, and some are baggier, especially now that I’ve lost a few pounds.  I like them both. I wouldn’t perhaps wear them to the office (if I were an office worker) but as I’m in the media world, I can get away with something a bit more off track. I also jazz them up and wear them out in the evening with a pair of heels, a biker jacket, and a clutch. I think dungarees are a winner.

In the summer, I tend to wear them with a simple t-shirt and espadrilles or trainers and, in late autumn and winter, I pop on a pair of ankle boots, the edgier the better, and a leather biker jacket. I would also pop on a straw hat in the summer and a baker boy cap in the autumn/winter.

Breton striped tops are an easy go-to with dungarees (I’ve got loads of those in different colours) but here I mainly went with a black t-shirt to focus on the dungarees. In the colder weather, I’d pop on a polo neck for warmth.

Add a cross-the-body bag and that completes the look. Love it or hate it, I love it!

And if it’s good enough for my mum, then I hope to be rocking this look when I’m in my eighties!

Here are some more images from the shoot…

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