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Joseph Ribkoff, A Sheer Delight

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Christmas and New Year were a little bit different last year thanks to Covid restrictions. Not that I’m a party animal at the best of times. I much prefer to stay at home with Mark and Jack in my pyjamas, watching telly in front of the fire. Given the job I do, I do get invited to launches and dinners quite a bit, so I do need to make some effort every now and again. Before lockdown Mark and I started date night Thursdays, so a bit of dressing up was called for there too.

Even if I didn’t need to go out, that wouldn’t stop me indulging in one of my favourite fashion items – anything with sequins. Whether it’s a top, skirt of jeans with a bit of sparkle, I’m your girl. I’ll wear mine in the daytime too. Who says you can’t? Sequins bring me pleasure.

I’ve got quite a few sequined pieces. I’ll wear my sequined skirt in the day with an oversized jumper and biker boots for that grungy look or a sequined jumper with jeans and trainers. I really like those looks.

I really fancied two sequined black blouses from one of the Vale of Glamorgan’s best boutiques, Loulou Boutique in Pyle before Christmas. It was by Joseph Ribkoff so I knew it would be a really good quality item. At £139 it was a bit above my pay grade, so I was delighted when I saw it in one of the boutiques Facebook videos recently at a knock down bargain price of £50! My Christmas present money has been burning a hole in my pocket and I’ve been waiting for the perfect thing to spend it on, so messaged the girls there and they put one aside in my size. The other one I fancied was a medium so too big for me. Probably for the best. How many black sequined blouses can a woman need? Wrong woman to ask here!

I liked the way the girls had styled the blouses. Jayne wore hers with a pair of slinky black trousers, perfect for a night out and Caroline wore hers with a pair of skinny mock leather trousers, a long black blouse and then the sequined blouse as a jacket over the top and black biker boots.

So, sequins are so versatile after all!

What’s your favourite fashion brand and why?
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