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Sosander: Quality Fit & Fabric

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If I do shop online, then Sosandar is where I go.

Here’s the background to the brand…

After twenty years working in fashion magazines, Sosandar co-founders Ali Hall and Julie Lavington launched Sosandar after hearing the same complaints from women time and time again that women, like them, wanted fashion to make them feel simultaneously sexy, feminine, and chic, but couldn’t find it. They said that women who wanted sleeves and longer lengths, flattering dresses that made getting dressed easy, and work for every occasion, but just couldn’t find them. They understand that you don’t want to wear boring clothes to work at weekends – or ever for that matter.

I couldn’t agree more.

I don’t have many pieces from Sosandar but couldn’t resist a couple of pieces in the spring/summer 2021 range.

Whilst I love shopping in boutiques and department stores, there is a bit of a buzz shopping online. Waiting for the package to arrive and then being able to try the item on in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom. That can’t be beaten.

The packing from Sosandar needs a special mention. A lot of thought and care has gone into this and it has paid off.

The quality of the dress is superb, and the cut and fit are really flattering. If I’m honest I wasn’t that fussed on the material of the top. I didn’t think it reflected the image on the website or the ad campaign, but it was such a nice print and colour that I decided to keep it.

The price points aren’t too expensive but it’s easy to go mad and order more than you should! So, when you let your fingers do the walking, be mindful of this!

Photography copyright Mark Roberts

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