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Gut Healing Smoothie

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If you’ve ever had antibiotics from your lovely, caring doctor, I bet you he or she didn’t tell you to repopulate your gut with probiotics after. No? I thought not.

That’s what happened to me, and it’s caused a whole heap of trouble. I’m now on a mission to heal the damage caused by only one dose (admittedly, it was a high dose) of the friendly gut bacteria killing machine that is/are antibiotics. Oh, if only I knew then what I know now!

So, to heal the gut. Stay off the main culprit – sugar! It’s more addictive than cocaine! Eat (sparingly) some low sugar fruit (Granny Smith apples and berries), non-starchy veg, natural unflavoured yoghurt (with cultures). Lose the caffeine, drink plenty of filtered water and, sorry, no booze.

It’s tough eating so many green veggies, I know. As much as I love a salad, sometimes I get sick of chomping down on a whole Romaine lettuce! To help with this, you need to embrace the smoothie. If you use the ingredients I’ve listed, they are full of the vital vitamins and minerals needed to help heal not only your gut, but the rest of you too.

“But isn’t fruit full of sugar?” I hear you ask Yes, but a little bit of low sugar fruit is okay. Bananas are out, as are oranges and grapes, but if you stick to no more than a cup of berries or one green apple (Granny Smith) a day, you should be good to go.

If you really miss the bulking element of a banana, then chia seeds are a really great substitute as a thickener, plus they’re really good for you.

Everyone’s body is different, and you need to go by what works for you, but this one works for me.

How to Make Your Smoothie…
Making a Candida-friendly smoothie is really easy. There are just six (though not limited to) basic parts to creating a green drink that is safe for your gut.

Just get your ingredients together and pop them in your favourite blender. I’ve had my Kenwood for years. I’ve lost the lid so make do with a plate or cling film to cover it while it blends. It works just fine.

So, now you’ve got your ingredients and your blender, just throw them all in, and blend.

Give it a little taste. If it needs a little sweetener, then by all means pop in a few drops of liquid stevia. And enjoy!


If you have a favourite smoothie recipe, I’d love to hear from you.
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