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Healthy Eating: That’s The Plan

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I find following a healthy eating plan quite easy. I have always had a love of fresh fruit and vegetables and don’t crave beige food (bread, pasta, pizza etc). I do realise it must be hard for some after years of eating these types of food, but I guess I’m just lucky that way. Don’t get me wrong, back in the day, like a lot of people, I used to enjoy a giant Toblerone and could easily polish off a bottle of wine at the drop of a hat. Thankfully, those days have long gone. It probably took a couple of months for me to get into this state of mind though (maybe six).

They say that you eat with your eyes and I totally agree with this. My plates must be full of colour, focusing on grass fed meats, sustainable fish, organic (where possible) fruit and veggies and healthy fats. I take the time to batch cook soups and curries and freeze off portions to eat throughout the week. I make a massive salad of Romaine lettuce, onion, cucumber, peppers, radishes, olives (not in brine), and add whatever I feel like on the day (boiled, fried, scrambled or poached eggs, nitrate/sugar free bacon, organic chicken or grass fed beef, avocado or sustainably sourced salmon etc.) and eat this throughout the week.

I also cook off some grain-free bread and eat this sparingly throughout the week as well (no more than a slice a day). I make up a jar of dressing (equal parts olive oil, apple cider vinegar and a squeeze of lemon) to drizzle over the salad.  I’ve always got crudités in the fridge and hummus/guac to snack on and, for dessert, I’ll have coconut yoghurt with blueberries, walnuts and cinnamon or a baked Granny Smith apple smeared with organic almond butter.  I never go hungry.

Yes, it’s time consuming, and not for everyone but the benefits I’m gaining from eating this way make it worthwhile.

I used to be a fitness fanatic which kept my weight in check but since having a family and running my own publishing business with my husband, and eating on the go, my weight crept on. At one point, I was a size 12/14 which didn’t suit my 5’4” frame so something had to be done.

I’m now a healthier size 8-10 and fluctuate between 8 and a half stone to nine stone, which at 57 years of age is where I feel happiest and, more importantly, healthiest.

I plan to keep eating this way for the rest of my life for my overall wellbeing. Mark and I try to walk a good few miles at a good pace each day.  I don’t call this a diet and exercise plan as this feels like a punishment. I’d rather call it a lifestyle choice. It’s honestly not rocket science. It’s basically the same old advice that all the nutritionists spout – eat less and move more.  Will it add a few more years to my life? I don’t doubt it.

Hippocrates, the most famous Greek philosopher and medic once said, amongst other things “Let food by thy medicine” and “Walking is man’s best medicine” so I feel like I’m on the right track.

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