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I’m Not Over Overalls! (Dungarees)

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I used to wear dungarees when I was in my twenties. I had a faded denim pair which I wore a lot and I even had a deep pink pair which was made out of thick jersey.

Looking back, I probably looked a bit like George from the children’s cartoon Rainbow in the pink one, but I thought I looked cute. Anyway, can a woman in her fifties get away with dungarees? Are we afraid we’re going to look like a grown-up child in an oversized nappy or like we need to be holding a paint brush?

The answer I think is yes, as long as we style it right and we wear them with confidence. The fit also has to be right. Wear them too tight and we might invite the dreaded camel toe. Not a good look. I’d also stay well clear of the patterned variety. Definitely a step too far.

I wear mine with flats for daytime and a pop of colour from one of my favourite Breton style tops of the moment but I will also throw on a pair of heels, a clutch and a blouse and I’m good to go for a night out.

When? July, 2016

Hat Marks and Spencer
Dungarees ASOS
Top Hobbs
Sandals Dune

Lunch date with Mark in Cardiff, but shot at the Boys Village beforehand.

Photography Mark Roberts

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