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Under Stairs Micro Office

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I mentioned in an earlier blog that I was transforming our understairs area into a space where I could write without my desk/computer being in my lounge. Well, the transformation is now complete.

This change came about before Covid and the government urging us to work from home, so you could say I was ahead of the game!

If, like me, your lounge is your sanctuary, then having an office/type set up in this space isn’t ideal and it certainly wasn’t in my case. It’s hard to switch off when your computer is flashing at you!

I’m not a hoarder, but this space was one of the areas where we tended to store (dump) stuff that we thought would come in handy at some point, but which never did. We went through it all and sorted it out into charity shop and the dump. Given that we live in an old farmhouse, as you can imagine, the walls were all over the place, so a complete plastering job was needed.

Where’s the printer? In the cupboard above the desk.

Hubby then got the filler and the paint tins out and changed the depressing deep red into a more soothing, tranquil grey.

We’ve worked with the amazing Alexander Bullock before. They turned our country style kitchen into a more modern Shaker style with island and range that we now enjoy so, even though it wasn’t a particularly taxing job for them, we knew they were the company to create my micro office. They work for commercial and domestic projects and can turn their hands to everything. We really rate them. Their workmanship is second to none and we recommend them whenever we can.

Being an old farmhouse, the walls are all over the place but Daniel and his team allowed for this. The drawers unit is particulatly clever as it has a false wall above, but the drawers themselves are much deeper as they utilise the understairs space.

Our little room was transformed in just a few days and I’m delighted with the result. Not only can I take myself into my office space to write but I can now enjoy my lounge as it was originally intended.

If you’d like to work with Alexander Bullock, then you can find their details here.

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