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Boutique Bedding

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One thing I love about staying in a boutique hotel is getting into bed. And no, not for that reason you mucky minded lot! It’s the pure thrill of turning back the duvet and immersing myself into the crisp, premium, clean bed linen. It’s pure heaven for me.

I’ve recently been working on trying to get that same boutique hotel look with my bedroom. I’ve got the Swarovski studded padded headboard on my bespoke bed. This also has one of those TV’s that, with a touch of a button, rises from the gubbings so that I can watch TV in bed, but which folds away when not in use. Hubby also treated me to one of those massive silver mirrors, which stands against the wall as opposed to being hung on it (very fancy!). In keeping with the mirrored theme, I’m also loving my glass dropper ceiling light, which I loved so much when in my lounge, that we had to buy one for my bedroom.

Back to the bedding, on our weekly shop at Tesco for essential cleaning products (I’m obsessed!), we came across their home range and in particular their design led brand, Fox & Ivy. I love most of the products in this range. Bits for the kitchen, lounge, and the bedroom. But it was the bedding which caught my eye.  The design of the prints were really attractive. I find I can’t sleep in patterns that are too bold or too bright, but these were more of a muted floral. Also, the thread count cotton sateen finish made it cooling to sleep under which is also important for a woman of an, ahem, certain age! They’ve got the pillowcases and flat sheets to match.

We’ve picked up a few of the same print to have one on each of our beds and one in the wash.

On a more recent visit, I spied a textured all-white set which is just so hotel-like, it’s perfect. We also picked up a pink throw to go across the bottom of the bed for chillier nights and to make it look even more boutiquey.

Now I’m on the hunt for a couple of mirrored bedside tables and a couple of lamps to finish the look. I’ve got my eye on a few options already and that’ll be my room all done.

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