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You Say Pajamas, I Say Pyjamas!

Cyberjammies is certainly a favourite in my browser.
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We all know what we mean, but we tend to fall into one spelling camp or the other.  In fact, it seems that just about everyone is using a correct spelling of the word ‘pyjamas’. According to the Oxford English Dictionary both ‘pajamas’ and ‘pyjamas’ are correct spellings and, we are reliably informed, the word derives from a Persian word for leg garment.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, for the purposes of this piece, I’m going to refer to my pyjamas as pj’s. During Covid I think we’ve all been wearing our pj’s. Let’s be fair, we’ve not been going anywhere and, even on a zoom call, not that I’ve made any, I bet most people have pj bottoms on!

Now that things are opening up again and more and more people are going back into the workplace (well, apart from GPs and the majority of the public sector – but don’t get me started!), we will have to save the pj’s until later in the day.

So, how has lockdown been for us as a family?
It’s been very difficult, I’m not going to lie. Along with many in our situation, we had no financial help from the Government so had to rely on the bank of mum, which I was loathed to do. With her help, we managed to get through. Now we’re back publishing again, we’re working on paying off any debt that we still had to accumulate but at least we can now see a way out of the quagmire. That’s as long as Mr Dripford doesn’t lock us down again!

How have I found the adjustment from office to home working?
Well, we moved out of our offices in Cowbridge, and let all our staff go about a year before Covid struck (thankfully!) and went back to working from home which we did before we expanded the business. If you’ve ever run your own business and thought that hiring staff and having an office was a good idea, think long and hard. Sometimes it can be a step too far. We were working extra hard to pay more bills and pay staff but really earned nothing for ourselves, and made the job a lot harder in the meantime. Now that it’s just Mark and I again, things are a lot easier, and the stress is far less. Life’s too short!

What did I wear during lockdown?
Because Lucy, our beloved Jack Russell dog, was still alive at the time of Covid, we walked a lot. Much more than usual. It’s weird, but even though I have lived in the same county all my life, I realised how little I had seen of our beautiful county before Covid, and the forced brerak from normal service, meant we had the time to explore what’s on our doorstep. Subsequently we spent most of our time in trackies and walking boots. I love lovely clothes just as much as every woman but there’s something really liberating in not having to get dressed up and spend time putting on makeup.

Saying that, now that we’re coming out of lockdown (currently at level zero – whatever that means), I am enjoying putting a dress on again and popping on a bit of foundation and blusher. Without makeup I can look like a boy (at least five people thought I was one in my walking gear, and said as much!), so I think I definitely need some slap!

If I wasn’t in my walking gear, then my outfit of choice was either my onesie or my pj’s. My current pj’s of choice are those from Cyberjammies. I love them. Their website is fab (which came in handy as we couldn’t go shopping). It’s easy to navigate and easy to buy from. When they arrive, the packaging is gorgeous. I still get a kick out of opening a lovely, ribboned box, and rifling through tissue paper to find something fabulous. They have sleepwear and loungewear for women, men, and children, that the whole family can enjoy. The material is so comfy, made so well and come in such fab designs. They are a real joy to wear.

I don’t wear pj’s in bed, in fact I don’t wear anything in bed (except a dab of Chanel No 5 maybe!). I like to feel free and unencumbered when I’m sleeping. But chilling reading a book before I go to sleep or while I’m watching the TV, is when you’ll find me in my pj’s or onesie.

If you’re like me and you love good nightwear/loungewear, take a look at and pop a couple of items in that basket.

And sleep…
Let me know about your favourite bedtime brand. Email




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