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I Can Carry A Tune

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My husband says he knows when I’m happy because I sing (he says I have a nice voice). As kind as he is to say, my career lies elsewhere. However, in line with both our interests in music, we have finally (mainly due to having time during lockdown) got around to setting up our Music Life website which will, we hope, champion the great talent, facilities, resources and venues we have here in Wales.

I do like a little sing-song – especially when I’m on my own in my Mini Cooper tootling around with the stereo turned up to max. Mark loves to drum for fun so, between us, we do have quite a passion for music so a Wales based music site makes sense. So please, click on the link and have a little look. Remember it’s early days so don’t judge it too harshly. Even the best tunes start with a few notes and a couple of lines scribbled on a bit of paper.

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