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Style Philosophy

Not sure it’s a philosophy… more enthusiasm. Let me first start by saying I don’t know it all when it comes to style and I’ve made some massive style blunders in my 58 years but, now that I am well into my fifties, I like to think that the mistakes are getting less and less and my wardrobe now consists of good quality basics with a few sequins to jazz things up a bit.

I’ve also learnt over the years not to worry too much about what the ‘experts’ say. I think that if you feel comfortable in something – then go for it. Ok, I wouldn’t wear short shorts ever again or boob tubes but that’s just by looking in the mirror as opposed to going by the ‘rules’.

I tend to listen to my own judgment or that of Mark or, for that matter, my 21-year-old son (they both say it like it is).

I’ve also paid good money for a stylist to take me out shopping, only for her to make me look like my older sister or, eek, my mother. The problem with stylists is that they don’t know what makes you tick; they tend to either dress you as they like to dress themselves or like every other client they’ve worked with. I’m not ready to be a replica. I like to walk my talk. Plus, I’m in the media, which means I don’t have to be suited and booted to go to meetings. I can be a bit more edgy.

So, what do I think are the basics that every woman, whatever her age, should have in her wardrobe?

A good quality blazer in various colours.

Boot cut and skinny jeans.

Good quality t-shirts in various staple colours.

A leather biker jacket.

A trench.

A good quality coat.

Leather boots (over the knee, knee high and ankle boots in classic colours plus a few jazzy ones (not forgetting my guilty secret – animal print).

A few good handbags, again in various styles and colours.

A few colourful scarves.

Quality gold pieces (engagement/wedding ring/watch/bracelet/necklace/earrings).

Good shoes.

To make things easier, here are a few F&Fs and Q&As which basically sums up my style philosophy.

5’ 4”.

Fluctuates – at the time of writing 8st 10lbs.

Shoe size
Depends on brand but either a 3.5 or 4.

Bath or shower
Shower in the morning. Bath with Epsom salts in the evening.

When I get home
I can’t wait to take off my clothes and slip into a onesie – I have a few!

What do I wear in bed
To quote Marilyn Monroe “Chanel No. 5”.

Too thin or too fat?
Neither. They say that when you get to a certain age, you can either have a good bum or a good face. A happy medium is the goal.

My beauty maintenance regime
I’m not ashamed to say it’s good old soap and water mainly. I like Dove or Sanex soap as I find them less harsh than most. If I remember, I’ll pop some Nivea moisturiser on before I go to bed.

Hair colour
It used to be mousy brown, now it’s ash blonde. I mix a couple of boxes to get the colour I like. It’s hit and miss though.

Hair cut
Pixie crop. I tried growing it in lockdown (didn’t everyone) thinking I’d grow it into the bob I had when I got married. I hated it. I like the non-fuss approach of wash, quick flick with the hairdryer and gum to style.

My go to daily outfit
If I’m home, a onesie. If I don’t have meetings, then it’s leggings, t-shirt and walking boots. If I’m out and about, a jacket of some sort, blouse, shirt or t-shirt, jeans and boots.

My exercise routine
In my younger days, I trained for between three and four hours a day (squash, swimming, circuit training and running). These days, I walk for between four and seven miles per day. On my walks, I make sure I do 100 squats along the way. I may throw in an interval run on the treadmill in the garage on a day when I don’t walk. I’ve also got a rebounder in my room, so I’ll pop on that for ten to fifteen minutes. Apparently, it’s good for lymphatic drainage.

Would I consider facial surgery?
I try to look up wherever I go – it’s cheaper than surgery but I’d never say never. Maybe one day I’ll consider a mini facelift.

Botox or fillers?
I’ve tried both and, to be honest, I didn’t like the feel or look of Botox. I looked surprised all of the time. My eyebrows looked too far apart and as I have a stronger muscle above one of my eyes, I looked as if I was constantly asking a question! I also think that some women go too far when it comes to cosmetic surgery and they look a bit plastic and shiny. I don’t think it’s a good look = like you’re running at 20mph when your stood still. They may feel that by having all of these procedures, they look younger when in fact I think they look older.

Who would I like to resemble in later years?
My mother. At 84, she still looks good.

Women I admire for their looks
The obvious suspects – Jennifer Anniston, Audrey Hepburn, Sharon Stone, Halle Berry. They look youthful but real.

What’s in my handbag?
Diary, mobile phone, pen, Granny Smith apple, rice cakes, tissues, lippie. If it’s hot, a little battery-operated fan, sunglasses, house keys, money.

What drives me?
A Mini Cooper. It was a birthday present from my husband, brand new back in 2003 – it has all the bells and whistles; full black leather and electric everything, run flat tyres and a brilliant Harman Kardon sound system. I loved it then and still do.

Make-Up routine
I tend not to wear a lot of makeup. To be honest, I’m not particularly good at it. The more I put on, the more I look like a clown. So, I keep things simple; light foundation, blusher, eyeliner and mascara plus lipstick or lip gloss. If I’m going somewhere special, I’ll spend a bit more time and pop on some eyeshadow and try to do something with my eyebrows but more often than not, I’ll keep to my simple routine.

My outlook on life
I’ve had health issues over the years which has been hard on me and my family but I’m a half full rather than half empty kind of person. I don’t dwell on the past and like to focus on the future. I have been in a very happy and loving marriage for the last twenty odd years, I have a healthy and happy son and a lovely home. Mark and I work hard at our business that’s had its ups and downs, but it’s a job that we love. I’ve never been a jealous person, probably because I’m very happy with my lot. Don’t get me wrong, I have faults – plenty of them. But, thankfully, I’m not neurotic or self-obsessed.

My nickname
Tank Girl.

Three words to best describe me
Loyal, honest (sometimes brutally), passionate.