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Needful Things: The VQ Laura Ashley Collection

We’ve been thinking about giving our kitchen a bit of a makeover. It is currently white and grey with accents of black. We feel we’ve done that now though and it’s time for something a bit different.
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On a recent weekend away, we dined in a fabulously chic restaurant which had wood panelling in a gorgeous blue/green colour. I even went as far as Facebook messaging the company to ask if they could let me know what colour it was, and they did.

Armed with the paint details, we are about to have our cupboard units painted and we’re having our dining room chairs changed from black faux leather to a more colourful fabric with the same colour as an accent. We’re really looking forward to the change! It’s as good as a rest apparently!

We’ve got a fab Dualit toaster and we’re not getting rid of that as we paid a lot of money for it, but the white Tesco plastic kettle could seriously do with an upgrade!

When I spotted the VQ Laura Ashley Cordless Electric Jug Kettle with the China Rose print on it (which has the same colour as the paint), I was sold. It has the usual capacity of up to seven cups.

At £64.99, it’s a lot more expensive than the under £20 Tesco version we have, but definitely will have much more panache!

Here’s the marketing blurb…
It features classic and chic hand-applied China Rose print. Each kettle is hand decorated and finished with a high-grade gloss UV coating to ensure it looks pristine day in and day out. Including a high-quality chrome trim complementing the printed body design.

This rapid-boil electric kettle has several safety functions. It has a dry boil feature that automatically shuts down the power if no water is inside and overheat protection with a concealed heating element. It helps conserve energy, saving you money, and also the environment with its cup capacity monitor.

It has a removable anti-scale filter and a flip-top cool touch lid for safe usage. A tactile on/off rocker switch with a light indicator. Fast boiling capability and a water viewing window and indicator. The anti-slip, sturdy handle stays cool, with plenty of holding space and non-slip feet. It is super convenient and looks gorgeous in your kitchen or home office.

As I mentioned previously, we’re not about to get rid of our lovely chrome Dualit toaster but if we were in the market for a matching toaster, then the same brand has a two or four slice toaster from £59.99, made with high-grade durable stainless steel. This comes in at £74.99.

A few other options, to add to the collection, would be the Hand Blender 4-in1 set at £54.99 and the Hand Mix at £49.99 and the 3.5l and 6.5l Slow Cookers at £49.99 and £69.99 respectively.

More about VQ…

VQ is a Multi-Award-Winning British brand in home electronics, renowned for its commitment to innovation, design, and performance. With a wide range of Small Domestic Kitchen Appliances, DAB/DAB+ Digital Radios, Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Speakers, and Audio Accessories. Leading the way with its unique style, advanced technology, and superior quality.

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