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Honest, Brother Thai and Glamorgan Brewing Co. Colab

That title’s a bit of a mouthful I’ll grant you but at Honest every mouthful is scrummy.
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First thing I’d advise with Honest Burger is to sign up for their newsletter and follow their socials. They are very proactive, and you’ll be surprised how often they give you the heads up on special offers or cool collaborations – like this one with Brother Thai and Glamorgan Brewing Co. who are based in my home county of The Vale of Glamorgan.

Mark and I are not beer drinkers at all but we were intrigued and thought we’d give a glass of GBC’s best a try. Have to say, we were very pleasantly surprised. The beer was exceptionally good. None of that nasty after-taste you get with some commercial beers (why we don’t drink them). We’d go as afar as to say we’d definitely order it again! It was refreshing and perfect for a hot day in summer (if we get one – despite the world allegedly burning).

Talking about hot things, The Brother Thai chicken burger is a serious sizzler. Mark’s not a great fan of super spicy food but he got through it. I, on the other hand, love a curry – chillies, jalapenos, bring it on. Thinking about it, the burger and the beer complemented each other perfectly so that’s a hit as far as we’re concerned. Incidentally, we tried their kimchi burger a few weeks ago and that was super delicious. I believe it’s still available.

We do like Honest Burger; the staff are engaging and the vibe is always good. I would say the music was a little loud for my ageing ear drums but everyone was having a good time, so who am I to pour beer on their chips (which are also particularly good – the Rosemary ones).

Honest Burger
10 Church Street, Cardiff CF10 1BG

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Meat’s back on the menu boys!
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