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Hire Me As Your Social Media Manager

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If you’re in business, you will know that social media is something you should be doing to grow your business and your brand. You probably also know that you can’t approach social media in a haphazard way or treat it as an afterthought.

Social media management needs to be somebody’s job. It might be part of your role as an owner, or the full-time job of somebody you have in-house. It’s so important to get someone who knows their way around social media. I hear so many stories of members of the family being left to run an account, or a friend, only for things to fail miserably. As the saying goes, you pay peanuts and you’ll get monkeys. It’s the same for your social media account. Show it the love it deserves and it will pay dividends.

I work with lots of clients. I’m good at what I do. I’m good with words, I’m creative and there’s also the added benefit that I have direct access to nearly 250,000 followers. I suppose it’s a no-brainer when you think about it.

So, why should you work with me? I won’t bore you all of the reasons why and more than happy to discuss but I think I’ll just let one of my clients speak for me. You can’t beat a glowing endorsement from a happy client.

I became aware of Jennifer through her fabulous lifestyle magazine Vale Life. I included a feature on my business in one of her issues. It worked incredibly well for me, introducing me to new customers in the Vale and beyond. Whilst we were chatting, she told me that she worked for several clients on their social media. Being incredibly busy running our butchers shop and managing several commercial accounts for restaurants and bars, I don’t really have the time to do this myself.

Since managing our Facebook account, in only a short time, Jennifer has raised our likes from 762 to 1,103 and our followers from 784 to 1,137. These have come about organically from Jennifer’s activities – significantly raising engagement on our page along with her ideas on campaigns and competitions.

She is full of creativity and enthusiasm and works in a totally professional manner. She doesn’t bamboozle you with the usual “media guru speak” which I don’t have time for. Most importantly, she understands my business.

What matters to me is growing the business and, since Jennifer has come on board to handle my social media, she has raised the business profile and introduced my business to new people right across the Vale who have now become customers.

I couldn’t recommend Jennifer’s services highly enough.

Matthew Barratt
Barratts Fine Meats

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If you would like metobring a little magic to your social media accounts, then please get in touch via email or call me on 07766 106701.