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Tried & Tested: Olverum Bath Oil

I’ve tried many a bath oil, but nothing quite hits the spot like Olverum Bath Oil.
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Nothing beats a hot bath with relaxing oils to relax you after a hard day. I love nothing more than taking myself off for a bath, shutting the door and lighting a candle, while I soak my aches, pains and stresses away.

I can’t vouch for this personally and the company won’t spill the beans, but word has it that this oil is favoured by certain members for Royal Family. If it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for me!

Here’s the lowdown.

What do I love about Olverum Bath Oil?
* The glass bottle adds something special and luxurious
* Blends include Lavender, Juniper, Lemon Peel, Lime, Eucalyptus, Lavandin, Geranium, Rosemary, Siberian Fir and Exotic Verbena.
* Relieves and soothes sore and tired muscles.
* Provides relaxation and relieves stress.
* Leaves the skin feeling soft.
* Soothes colds and flu (especially important right with now C-19 and seasonal coughs and colds).

How much do you need?
A half a capful is all you need to do the job.

What were the benefits I experienced?
* This oil seriously took away a lot of tension in my muscles due to stress.
* With some oils that I’ve used in the past, the bath can be quite slippery (whilst in it and getting out, which can be quite dangerous). Not so with Olverum which was a massive bonus.
* The eucalyptus hit my senses straight away and cleared my nasal passages beautifully.
* No need to moisturise after a bath using this oil. My skin was silky soft after only a 20- minute soak.
* The gorgeous eucalyptus smell permeated throughout the house well after I’d finished my bath. Even the rest of the family commented on how lush the house smelt.
* I do suffer from nasal congestion, so this oil definitely alleviated that.
* Another plus is that Olverum is a cruelty free and vegan friendly product. Always a plus!

How often will I use it?
I’m planning on using this oil once a week to give me the boost that my body and mind needs. As you don’t need to use much, the bottle is likely to last me quite some time.

It also looks attractive on my bathroom shelf and is also a talking point when guests use the bathroom.

I love bringing up the royal connection! Snob moi?!

Don’t just take my word for it, here are a few testimonials from the website.

Heavenly 5*
I received the small sample size from my mom, and I was hooked. The smell is so good, incredibly strong but not abrasive or overpowering (I have a really sensitive nose.) This oil elevates any bath experience, it is relaxing and moisturizing.

I love this oil 5*
It’s light, it doesn’t leave your skin oily, and i adore the smell. This is a real treat for me, always want a bottle.

Never enough 5*
I love this bath oil. It is truly sublimely relaxing and feels more than restorative. It feels as though one’s entire mind and body have been re-enlivened. I sleep like a baby after a relaxing Olverum bath. I can’t get enough of them.

Olverum Bath Oil
Available in:
125ml (£39.50 – 25 baths)
250ml (£71.00 – 50 baths) and
A travel set (315ml £27 – 9 baths).

Available directly from Olverum.

Tried & Tested!
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