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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends: I Am Woman

Think that's how The Beatles' song goes, and at I AM WOMAN there's a genuine camaraderie that I enjoy.
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I’ve been in business running a publishing company for more than fifteen years. In that time, I’ve been to many networking meetings. Typically, these have been run by men and are male dominated. This is fine, as I’m quite a confident woman. But if you’re not that confident, then this could be an issue. Some women can feel a bit intimidated in a male dominated space and find it difficult to find their voice.

Nicola Venetia Steele and Cheryl Bass

As much as I feel confident in both male and female environments, and I am in no way a feminist, I do find that I just enjoy the company of women more in a networking environment.

That’s why I’m enjoying the company of the women in the I AM WOMAN networking group, run by founder, and lovely lsdy, Cheryl Bass.

The meetings are held in classy establishments across the Vale of Glamorgan. This last month’s event (Look Good, Feel Great) was no exception.

Nicola Venetia Steele and Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts

Lots of women, existing and new members, enjoying each other’s company, learning from mistakes (we all make them) and victories alike.

Yes, there is a lot of standing up and being heard, which can be intimidating for some, but when you feel you are in a safe environment, this does get a whole lot easier with time. And the women are non-judgemental and welcome you into the fold.

If you’re a woman in business, there are several reasons why you might want to join a woman specific networking organisation such as I AM WOMAN.

These include:
* Feeling like you’re in a safe place amongst like-minded women
* It’s a great networking opportunity
* Feeling safe in the knowledge that we are all in this together
* Benefitting from others mistakes and victories
* Learning from those who have gone before you
* Stepping outside of your comfort zone and growing in confidence
* Having other women analyse your business and giving advice and encouragement
* Raising awareness of women’s issues and coming up with positive affirmations.

The fabulous and inspirational Nicky Bright

Want to know more about I AM WOMAN?
If you would like to join a group of aspirational, friendly, and knowledgeable women, then take a look at I AM WOMAN and just take the leap. You can email Cheryl at

Or look up I AM WOMAN on Facebook

Thanks tomembers Nicky Bright Holidays and Venetia Steele Boutique for their fab images.

I AM WOMAN was featured in Vale Life Spring 2023
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