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Date Night At The Ivy, Cardiff

Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts is a fashion junky and Editor and Publisher of Vale Life magazine in the Vale of Glamorgan.
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It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed a date night (thanks Covid!) and, even though we spend 24 hours a day together anyway as we work and live together, there’s a difference between being together and being out together.

So, on a Monday night (it was usually a Thursday), we decided to pay a visit to The Ivy in Cardiff.

As soon as you walk in, the amazing décor hits you. It’s like something out of a romantic movie. All florals. It’s an Instagrammers dream. I especially love the ladies bathroom for taking photos. I’m not the only one either according to Facebook and Instagram.

I always rate a restaurant on the quality of their steak. How it tastes and how it’s cooked. We like ours quite rare. I was pleased to see that it was prepared as requested, and it tasted amazing. It was probably grass fed for it to taste this good.

The staff were chirpy, attentive, and happy to have a little chat if you engaged, which we did as we enjoy a bit of banter.

We enjoyed a few too many gin cocktails (these had been put on because of the Six Nations rugby). I’m not normally a lover of gin as I find it a bit too perfume-y (probably not a word). I would much rather opt for vodka but two out of the four we sampled were amazing.

I’m off the sugar so no dessert for me but Mark just had to have one and opted for the crème brûlée. It looked and tasted really good apparently.

We dined upstairs the last time we went to The Ivy so this time we fancied a table downstairs. We were glad we did as the vibe downstairs was much better. More family oriented and more of a buzz. The tables were quite close together but far enough apart so you couldn’t eavesdrop on your neighbours’ conversations.

We like to chat though and were very happy when a gentleman on the table next to us started to chat. He commented on Mark’s music inspired Roland t-shirt and that started a conversation. We found that we had so much in common with him and his wife – it was unbelievable, and we made a promise to meet them in their local pub when we were in their area (Mark had lived in the village for a few years).

Overall, date night was a huge success. Great venue, great ambience, great food, great drinks, great company. Seeing a theme? Yes, all was great! We won’t leave it so long next time before we return for another visit.

What I wore…
Shirt Mint Velvet
Bag (just seen) Russell & Bromley

Six nations cocktails
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Mark’s take on the evening
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