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Dressing Up, Shopping Local

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I don’t know about you but during lockdown I’ve been mainly dressed for our daily walks around the Vale of Glamorgan. We’ve managed to find some amazing routes in the rural villages that we’ve never seen in all the years we’ve lived in Rhoose village. As well as getting the required amounts of vitamin D, we’ve checked out many of the stunning, large houses, met some lovely horses and gone through a couple of pairs of walking boots each.

Speaking of walking boots, that’s pretty much all my feet have been donned in these last few months. Along with sloppy joggers, t-shirts, a jacket, bobble hat and said walking boots.

Sometimes though it’s nice to put on a bit of make-up (Mark even suggested it this morning as he said I looked tired – thanks lack of sleep!), so I actually got dressed as if I was going to a meeting. You know, back in the day, when I had meetings to go to!

Today, we had to nip to our local butcher to buy some lamb chops and to the Post Office/fruit and veg shop, so I thought I’d make the effort and put on some actual clothes.

Supporting local, independent businesses is really important to both Mark and I. Here’s a piece I wrote earlier (click here).

It was such a lovely day, that we also stopped by our local little park, Milburn Park, for a sit and a chat. I remember this park so well. It was where I used to take Jack when I was a new mum (he’s twenty-one now). I remember being so proud, pushing him through our village in the brand-new orange and red pram my mum had insisted she buy me from Mothercare. I used to lay out a blanket under the tree and just stare at his little body in awe. Ah, those were the days.

Back to present day and that dressed up episode didn’t last that long. As soon as we got home, on went my onesie but, nevertheless, for those few hours I felt almost normal again.

Here are some images taken by Mark…

Hopefully as lockdown measures ease, I’ll be able to dress up again. It pains me to see all my lovely clothes in my wardrobe probably being eaten away by moths! I know, there are bigger things at stake here, like health and job security, so I’ll try to keep things in perspective but, if you’re anything like me, I love fashion and playing dress up is what normal feels like to me.

Support your local independent businesses…
I do. I try to buy my meat from our local butchers (certainly butchers in the Vale) and, wherever possible, use local suppliers. It’s not always possible, but if you can it’s important to support local people rather than faceless shareholders of huge corporations.


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