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Jewellery? Be More Loulou!

I'm like a magpie around jewellery. Even more so when there's an incentive...
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So, I make a visit to Pyle Garden Village to take photos of clients for the summer issue of Vale Life and made the mistake of popping in to Loulou Boutique. I had fully intended not to, but the lure was too great.

I was proven right as I can never resist their jewellery. I’ve bought I gorgeous gold necklace there before and I’ve picked up a cheap and cheerful chain from M&S but this one with the stunning pendant grabbed my attention. It was a reasonable price too. Not content with that, I also spied a stunning gold bracelet which I just couldn’t leave in the shop. I took solace in the fact that there was a sale on, so managed to get 20% off both pieces.

I always think a nice piece of jewellery elevates an outfit and that’s what I kept telling myself as I tapped my card onto the machine.

Note to self – don’t call into Loulou when you’re popping in to sell, take photos or to have one of their amazing cheese and ham omelettes at the Pyle Garden Village cafe. Oh ok, who am I kidding?!

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