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I Am Woman: Women’s Business Networking

Does networking work for women in business or starting businesses? It certainly seems to...
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When we first started publishing Vale Life magazine, we looked at a plethora of networking groups. We tried the ‘very early morning’ group and, whilst we’d heard great things about this, those sunrise starts, and the very strict rules associated with this group just didn’t appeal. I love my lie-ins too much and, as I had never been the type of personality to conform to rules and regs, I quickly realised that, as professional as it is, this group wasn’t for me.

I had dabbled with the woman friendly group I AM WOMAN previously and found that even though I had enjoyed it, things had gotten very busy, and I just couldn’t find the time to devote a morning or afternoon out of the office.

Recently, after bumping into the founder, Cheryl Bass, at a garden centre café, she mentioned that perhaps I could give it another go and invited me to the next event at Lanelay Hall in Talbot Green. She even suggested that I give a talk to the women of how I had changed the direction of my career after turning 40. I had gone from working within a local government environment to marketing my husband’s graphic design business and then starting my own PR and Marketing business. Mark and I then started our publishing business, which we have been doing since 2007. I’ve never looked back!

As soon as I entered the room, it felt right. The women were welcoming and “normal”. I enjoyed the talks from the other two women (both chatted about the difficulties women of a certain age faced, during and after menopause whilst running their own business).

Sara Boltman, Dave Edwards (Owner of Lanelay Hall), Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts and Cheryl Bass.

Lanelay Hall was a striking venue to hold the event and is a popular choice for the group. What’s not to love about mixing with like-minded women, hearing interesting talks, and all over a lovely afternoon tea.

I do feel I’ve found my tribe and I’m very much looking forward to the next event!

If you are a woman in business in The Vale of Glamorgan, or thinking about starting your own business, then check out I AM WOMAN. You might just find your tribe too!

Want to know more?
To get in touch, please contact Cheryl Bass, I Am Woman Founder

07581 210 004

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